Casino Pokies

Navigating the World of Online Casino Pokies

In this day and age, it is easier to go online and find pokies websites than to walk into a physical pub with casino pokies. Australia is abundant in both. Many people prefer online pokies for their higher pay out and convenience. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, it can often be intimidating when visiting a new casino pokie website. Here are a couple of essential quick tips on how to navigate the world of casino pokies online.

Setting Your Casino Pokie Budget

Before you even choose a game to play, you need to know how much money (if any!) you are willing to lose. Yes, online casino pokies are known to return sometimes up to 97 or 99 per cent payout, but you have to be prepared in case you lose. Experts advise that having a budget, deciding how much money you want to allocate for each spin and how many reels into one game you can afford to lose is essential.

If you decide that you don’t want the risk of losing money, you can choose to opt for free casino pokie. Australia has plenty of online casinos, which offer all kinds of free casino pokies that require no preliminary deposits. These free pokies are designed to lure in more customers, give online casinos competitive advantage and, ultimately, allow people to have fun without loosing a cent. So if you are in for the fun, then you should go for the “free pokies” section of the online casino pokie website.

If, however, you want to go beyond the fun and into the thrill offered by the possibility to win money, then head to the classic or video pokies section.

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Choosing Your Casino Pokies Games

If you opt for free pokies, then you can sample a variety of games. Beware that some free online casino pokies have limitations, which allow you to play for a certain amount of time only. Get yourself familiar with the terms and conditions before you play.

If, however, you choose to play for money, you need to be a little more selective and strategic with the casino pokies Australia has to offer. You can pick from classic pokies, which typically have three columns and one winning line or video pokies, which have five columns and one winning line. There are, of course variations to the rule, so get yourself familiar with how the game works and how many winning lines there are before you select it.

Also, when choosing which game to bet on, get yourself familiar with the casino pokies, which offer progressive jackpots. These jackpots generate over time and can be quite substantial. In addition, there might be promotional games, which give cash-back or limited-time free spin bonuses. You can take advantage of these and potentially maximise your betting experience.

Although, as most people know, you cannot predict your odds or increase your chances of winning by using some type of magic tricks, there are certain tips that can help you lose less. One of them is to know when to switch pokie games if you have lost repeatedly on a single game. Here’s where the pre-planned budget comes in handy. If you follow you pre-set financial plan, chances are, you will enjoy your experience and maybe even win some cash.

Is online poker also popular in Canada?

Online poker is probably one of the most popular things that you can find on the Internet today, no matter in what country you are living and Canada is not an exception. In fact, maybe it is even more popular here than in some other countries.

Most adult Canadians have visited an online casino or a specialized online poker web site ate least once. This huge popularity of these web sites and what they offer is in good part due to the fact that it is too cold most of the year in the north and most people don’t like to venture out of their homes if they don’t have to.

Should it be a surprise that these web sites experience an increase in their visits during the winter months of November, December and January, when compared to the July, August or September? These are the months in which most people chose to stay home when they are not in their workplaces and they have to find some way to spend their free time.

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Okay, so one reason why so many Canadians love online poker is the fact that they can play it in their nice warm homes, but that can’t be all there is to it, can it?

Another good reason for the popularity of these web sites is the fact that they offer an opportunity for some extra cash. All you need is a little luck and some skill in that particular game and you can make some nice money without much effort. I mean, sure, you can’t replace your job with this, but every little thing helps, doesn’t it?

A lot of people never liked land based casinos because of the crowd that accompanies them. Everybody is just so tense in these casinos that you better watch your step when you are there. Online casinos and specialized sites like online poker web sites are visited by more people in a day than some of these casinos see in a month and yet, there is no crowding and everybody is much more relaxed. In fact, you will probably meet some new and interesting people if you go there.

You don’t even have to be a pro or to play. If you don’t think that your skills are adequate to play for money, you can play in a lot of these web sites for free, without any stakes. Most of the online poker sites offer you the chance of playing against a computer and increasing your skills. You can later use what you have learned in a game of online poker against real players, or you can visit a classical casino and try your luck in regular game of poker.

Today, online poker can be played not just on your computer, but also on other devices, such as smartphone or PDA. This means that players can now be completely mobile and that they could play from any location they want, even when on the move.

With mobile casino games, you’re never more than a touch away from having a great time. Enjoy games like roulette, slots and poker and play them anytime that you have your mobile device at the ready. You can enjoy these games during the day or night with them in your hand.

Spin Palace Casino

The Spin Palace Casino is, by now one of the industry veterans. It is licensed by the Malta Gaming Commission and has been in operation since 2001, which now makes it well over a decade old. In internet age, that’s a granddaddy. Having been around for a long time means having lived through recessions, demographic shifts, and most important—technological changes. The Spin Palace Casino has thrived through it all. Part of the reason for their success is the platform that powers the casino, the venerable Microgaming platform, is rock solid and has earned its reputation as one of the best in the industry.

Spin Palace operates in over 15 languages, with the main one being English. It does not, however cater to US players, as federal laws in the United States prohibit online gambling at this point in time.

The games on offer are industry leading in their sophistication and quality. Foremost among their roster of games are the slot machines. Lots and lots of slot machines to suit all tastes—over 250 of them in all. These aren’t simple video games. These are the real deal. They look, act, and feel exactly as the video slots you might find in Las Vegas do. The graphics are dazzling, and the experience of using them is thrilling. They also offer progressive slots, which offer astronomical payouts to winners. These jackpots are not in the hundreds of thousands of dollars—we are talking millions of dollars.

Other games on offer are Blackjack, Video Poker, Roulette, Craps (with some of the best odds in the world), Baccarat, Keno, and a real oddball in the online casino world—scratch cards, which surprisingly offer an engaging and interactive interface..

The Spin Palace Casino offers several transaction options, which means it’s as easy to withdraw as it is to deposit. New players are eligible for a very generous $1000 Welcome Bonus, which offers a 100% match on the first deposit, 25% on the second, and 50% on the third. This is one among several special offers and incentives, such as the Free Spins Sunday Special, which offers 100 free spins at the Tomb Raider slot machine.

Spin Palace is an industry veteran, and it has the awards to prove it. In 2002 they won four major awards from Gambling Online Magazine, including the Editor’s Pick, New Site Concept, New Online Casino, and Web TV awards. It also won the Best New Casino award from Casinomeister in 2002. Because of their commitment to excellence, they carry the coveted eCOGRA seal, which means they are monitored by a third party, which assures they are fair, safe and honest.

Customer service is excellent. They are available via 24/7 live chat, telephone or email. Customer service reps at Spin Palace are cordial, knowledgeable, and helpful. They are fully capable of solving any problems which may arise, and are a big part of what makes the experience at Spin Palace so great.

There are lots of online casino options out there. It only makes sense to pick the best when it comes to playing with real money. You can rest easy, knowing that everything at Spin Palace is top notch, honest, and works as it should. The only thing you need to do is play and win.

Spin Palace Casino

Whether you live in Europe, Australasia or Asia, Spin Palace Casino enables you to play your favorite casino games right from the comfort of your own home. With it’s initial launch in 20012, Spin Palace has come a long way since then, adding over 450 quality games to their database. One of the best features about this online gaming facility is the ability to select your desired language to view the site and play in. This includes all languages from English and Italian to Arabic. Spin Palace even enables their players to play with and cash out several different currencies depending on their country of residence. This online casino is a truly premier global brand in the industry today.

How to Play at Spin Palace
Users have two ways to play their favorite games at Spin Palace Casino such as slot machines, poker and roulette. The games can be played through a flash plug-in directly through your web browser or can be downloaded and played right from your computer desktop. This gives you the ability to start playing with just the click of a button and spin your way to millions.

Spin Palace Bonuses
New members at Spin Palace can receive up to $1000 for free by simply making their first 3 deposits. The casino will match your first deposit by 100%, the second deposit by 25% and the third deposit by 50%. With an initial bonus of up to $1000, you will have more money to play games for the chance at winning large sums of cash. With a payout ratio of 97%, it’s likely that you’ll go home a winner at Spin Palace Casino.

Is online gambling a good idea?

If you ask ten people this question, you will probably receive ten different answers. I live in Canada and can only speak for this country, but I believe that my experience can be applied to anywhere else in the world.

I started visiting online casinos pretty much as soon as they started appearing on the Internet so I had some interesting experiences with them. Some of them are really good (especially when I was wining, he he) and some of them I would like to completely forget.

First of all, online most online casinos in Canada are owned by the provinces in which their server is located. I guess that this is a good idea since they can generate some extra profit for their provinces, but the fact that they allow only people located in those provinces to play is not something most people like very much.

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What I like is to play against people from different countries. This way, I get to meet a lot of interesting folks and I don’t even have to leave my room. I can’t do that if I play in one of the provincial online casinos, can I? That is why I always decide to play on some independent online casino.

Of course, experience have taught me a lot of things and one of them is to always check that the casino I am visiting and want to play in licensed by someone. If they are not, I skip that web site and try another one.

Also, the online casino has to ensure that all of my winnings will be payed in a reasonable amount of time. This means that I don’t like to wait for weeks before seeing the money I won, no matter how small the amount may be. Trust me, I had some rather unpleasant experiences with some online casinos when it comes to this.

I also like to be mobile. My work takes me away from Toronto, where I live, so I have to spend that traveling time somehow. Why not visiting online casinos? If I have access to it from any mobile device, that is just another added plus for that online casino.

Online gambling is so popular today that it is small wonder that there are people who would like to make some money by playing dirty. I am, of course, talking about the hackers and spam sites. First group can get access to your account and view your information, even place a bet in your name if the web site is not secure. This is exactly the problem that 134 people who had accounts in one of the first online casinos in Canada, in British Columbia had to deal with. Naturally, that site had to be shut down and re-launched again. The other group just makes web sites that look exactly like an online casino and try to lure people into giving them their data. In a lot of online casinos you can create an account that works only on that web site and they are completely independent from your banking account, so you should play in these casinos when you can.

Will online casinos soon be legal in all of Canada?

This is one of the questions that the Internet community in Canada often asks. I myself, could never understand why is gambling often put in the same line with drugs or other criminal activity. Actually, I do know why. It’s because it is not regulated by the government and is in the “gray zone”. That makes it perfect for the criminal establishment to use it for their own needs and make money out of it. Of course, since this is illegal, the government will not see a cent of this money.

Fortunately, Canadian government has a little more relaxed attitude towards online casinos than, say US government and doesn’t try to pursue players for visiting these web sites. In fact, I can think of only one case when that happened and that was in 2001. Still, you have to bear in mind the fact that according to Canadian law, it is illegal to gamble in places that are not regulated (read owned) by them.

Some Canadian provinces, like British Columbia and Quebec have opened up their own online casinos and they regulate their business quite nicely so far. But the problem is in the fact that they are restricted and only people who are located in that province can play. This means that they lose countless potential players, but on the other hand, they are able to better regulate the money flow. This way, the money stays in the province and the government of it will probably see it in some other way.

However, the Kahnawake Indian reserve was able to work around this law. As you well know, the Indian reserves in Canada have almost complete autonomy from the rest of the land and the natives are allowed to do whatever they want inside it. These freedoms are guaranteed by the Canadian constitution. This gave the idea to the natives in Kahnawake to make the Kahnawake Gambling Commission and regulate online casinos themselves. The online casino web site only needs to be located on their secure server.

The situation with Kahnawake Gambling Commission is still not quite over as the government of Canada still disputes their right to do this, but as this stand so far, we can soon expect the government of Canada to finally let go and allow the natives to regulate gambling games in their own reserve.

I am sure that soon Canadian government will see the benefit of legalizing online casinos and that they will do so in the near future. Otherwise, they will continue to spend countless dollars on futile law suits on particular online casinos, those that they can reach, that is. The current situation is not enough and will continue to cause problems until it is completely regulated.

The ones that can really benefit here are the players as they will know what to expect when they enter a legal casino, that is licensed and regulated by the commission that is backed by the government. They will know when to expect payments and know that their accounts will be safe.

Finding the very best Online Casino

It can be really difficult to know where the best online casino is. You can look at different sites that review casinos and one might put a certain casino at the top and another may rate someone else. Then you may not know whether the best internet casino in Canada is better than the best USA one or whatever.

It is worth remembering that it is a matter of personal taste as to which casino you like the best. However, it is simply impossible to try them all out because you will not have the time, there are so many of them. Therefore you will need a methodical way to find out which is best.

There are different things that you can try. You can look at sites which rate casinos and see which ones come out top. However, some sites get commission on the sites they recommend and so will tend to recommend those paying the best commission. However, there are sites where people can leave their own rating and comments about sites. These are better because they are customer reviews.

Online Casino

Another thing to try is to think about what features you like in an online casino. You may like big jackpots, certain games, chat rooms or big bonuses. If you have not visited many, then go to some of the big names and see what they offer. Then when you have an idea of what you like, find sites that offer it. It is a good idea to try out a few sites and see which you like the best. Some sites allow you to play for free which can be a good way to try them. Other sites may have a new player bonus that you could take advantage of while you try out some of the games on the site.

You may decide that you would rather try the more well-known brands. You may feel that they are more trustworthy because they have a name that people recognise. This may or may not be true, it depends on the company. It can also be worth talking to friends and family to find out whether there are any particular sites that they play on. They will be able to tell you a bit more about them so that you can decide whether you think that you would like to play on them or not.

You may be the sort of person who cannot be bothered with doing all the research. It may be that you would rather take a risk and just try out a site and see how you get on. Why not just do that if you want – you may just end up discovering the best one for you first time!

How to find a good online casinos in Canada?

As you probably know,  gambling in Canada is illegal if you do it in a place that doesn’t have a license to do that and this goes for online casinos as well. This means that most online casinos are owned by one or another Canadian province and they regulate their income, expenses and all other things. This means that players know what they can expect when it comes to rules and payment, but on the other hand, they are restricted to just players from that province. So, if you live somewhere else, sorry but you can not play.

Fortunately, the Indian reserves have managed to work around this problem. By opening a server on their reserve and getting some online casino, online poker or similar web sites on them, they can allow access to a larger population of players than provincially owned online casinos. The problem here is the fact that they are often prosecuted by the Canadian government. In fact, the future of one the oldest gambling commission in the world, and the first that have started regulating online gambling in 1999, the Kahnawake Gambling Commission is under big question due to several law suits that the government has filed against them, since 2005, but so far, it remains on that.

As you can see, these two options are still not what we are looking for as they both have its problems. But, why stay in Canada, when you can visit any online casino? Unlike the players from the United States, who are often refused admittance to an online casino that is not operating from the US because their owners fear that they might have some problems with the US government, the Canadian players are welcomed in pretty much the majority of these online casinos.

When looking for a good online casino, you have to make sure that they will pay you. A lot of these online casinos are restricted to certain countries or geographic areas, so if you can’t be payed in Canada, forget playing there. Also, the payment needs to be prompt, so check if these casinos have several options for payment. The more options you have, the better.

Online security is always a problem, but especially somewhere where you have to leave your credit card or bank account number. A lot of online casinos lack in security simply due to the fact that they are not updated very often. If you notice that the web site is not working very well, either that it takes an hour to get to the next page or that the links are broken, get out of that web site, now.

These were just some things that you need to look for when searching for an online casino in Canada, but I guess that they could be used wherever else you might live with equal success. Now all you have to do is go out and find some good online casino to play your favorite game.

How to play better at Poker

Maybe it’s your first time playing this game or maybe you’ve been joining poker tournaments for years now, but however long or short your experience playing poker or poker machines everyone needs some tips on how to play it better. Here are some useful tips to playing better poker, if you haven’t been using it already.

Don’t always play every hand and fold more often

Most beginners tend to make this mistake and it can be a costly one if you’re not able to learn from this. Beginners try to play every hand just because it’s their first time to play and they want to be in the midst of the action all the time. Problem is that kind of playing will make them lose more money than win more, so try not to play every hand and just learn to fold every now and then.

Never play drunk

This one’s simple enough to understand. If you play drunk, you lose your concentration. If you lose your concentration, you’re likely to make more mistakes. You make more mistakes, you lose more money. It’s that simple.

Play Poker

Never bluff just for the sake of bluffing

This is another mistake that beginners tend to commit. Most beginners think that they haven’t really played poker unless they’ve played a hand where they bluffed their way out. Although, bluffing is a part it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should always resort to this just for the heck of it. There are only certain situations where you could use this and there are only certain people you could use it on. Try reading other people’s body language first and see if you could figure out if they have a good hand or bad hand according to your assessment, but do not bluff yet! Hone your body-language-reading skills and wait for that time when you feel it’s accurate enough.

Don’t stay in a hand only because you’ve already put too much in the pot

Most beginners think that when they’ve already placed too much money in the pot they have to keep playing. Problem is this is another mistake that can cost you large sums of money. Winning at poker does not rely on putting as much money as you can in the pot. You should know when to fold and if you do have a hand that’s bad then fold and don’t even think about winning back the money you placed in the pot. Otherwise, you’ll only lose more.

Don’t always call at the end of a hand.

Some beginners make this mistake in order to keep their opponents “honest”. The objective here for them is to see if their opponents are really holding the hand that they say they are or if they’re just bluffing. Now if every time you do this you find out that your opponents is always just bluffing then you might have an advantage over them the next time. Problem is they don’t always bluff their way out and if they do have a hand that’s much better than yours you’ll lose more if you just folded in the first place.

The Spin Palace Roulette Experience

The Spin Palace casino is characterized by the roulette experiences that no other game in the universe can match up to. The thrill involves the game plays that are usually sizzling with huge pay outs as the fun accelerates. The magic that the wheel offers will heighten the profits from the pay outs that will have been bet on by varied players. Some of the betting options include straight-up wagers, split bets, street plays, corners and even or odd bets.

Casino spin palace caters to both the professionals in hiking their rewards as well as the beginners wishing to make the most of the odds on offer within the spin palace casino games. The Spin palace casino games that exist in most casinos can also be accessed online with the actual experienced enhanced and statistical data enhanced to provide suitable alternatives for both professionals and amateurs.

The spin palace roulette usually involves the roulette wheel that is a located on a casino table that has numbered pockets ranging from 0 to 36. There is a ball involved that requires the player to try and predict the exact pocket that the ball will land in when the wheel is rotated. Depending on the lucky guesses, the player will be able to place their respective bets that if scored will earn them the spin palace bonus. As more and more bets are placed, the player will be able to make more guesses that if lucky will boost their ratings among their competitors while increasing their spin palace bonus. The bets can be made either within the pocket ranges or table ranges that exist on the table.

The spin palace casino games require expertise that can either be learnt through consistent experience or simply seeking tutorials from professionals or online sites that offer the game for download or cab be played online and the instructions on how to play specified. Pay outs will therefore be awarded to the player with the accurate or closest guess. There is therefore a table that specifies on how bets are to be handled during the game. The table usually has two columns that is one for the bet name and the other for the odds. Spin palace casino games provide the best opportunities for both professional and beginners to make it big as they offer alternatives to make the game reviewable later on in order to reduce the odds made on bets.

Spin palace review can be got with the casino game software available for download through the casino websites offering them. Beginners can be able to get tips on the best gaming practices to employ in order to make the most out of the game as well as gain professional status as time goes by. With the reviews, the players are able to acquire the latest add-ons that may make their playing experiences worth the while. Being that money bets are involved it’s wise to get to understand the game in advance before resorting to play the game to avoid loses. The spin palace reviews also offer this advice and provide tutorials to make the players ready even for the actual gaming experience.